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Dr. Leistikow is not only doctor but is also a scientist. He doesn't believe in magic or magical cures.


Their treatment is soundly based in the study of the brain, the process of emotional problems and psychotherapy, which is the treatment of those problems.


It is true that there is magic in believing, but that belief should have a sound basis in fact and reason if it is to stand the test of time.


Dr. David Leistikow

Medical Doctor, Hypnotheratpist

Dr. Leistikow has practiced for 45 years as a Medical Doctor and board certified medical hypnoanalyst that works with all ages from 5-85 who are motivated to change their life. Dr. Leistikow considers himself, “the catalyst for that change but the patient has to be ready and willing to change.  Their own desire is what actually enables change to occur”. All hypnosis is actually done by our own “self” and professionals trained in Medical Hypnoanalysis teach and support our own journey to healing.  


Dr. Leistikow was trained and certified by Deepak Chopra to teach Mantra Meditation and is an important part of his treatment plan for exceptionally anxious patients.

Moved to co. In 1973, opened Family Medicine Associates and married to Dr. Elisabeth Kandel with 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Began hypnoanalysis after training with Dr.Stevens and Dr. Drzal.

Standard therapy is 15-20 weekly visits after life history. His unique skill set of rapid analysis, under age regression, is for people coming from far distances seeking intensive treatment sessions. This is a 2-day session where for 10 total hours we are in treatment and you will be a different person when you leave. Most of his success is with:

  • Treating and resolving intractable insomnia by finding the root cause of hypnosis and age regression.

  • Most commonly treated mental diagnoses are anxiety, major long standing and life-long depression, phobias, and low self-esteem.

  • Using herbal remedies whenever possible some forms of anxiety and depression.

  • Digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), frequently have an origin in the subconscious which can be found by age regression under hypnosis.

  • PTSD and panic disorder are frequently treated successfully with this methodology.

Also training analysis with medical health professionals who already have a degree in counseling

Seminars in hypnoanalysis and age regression will begin in the Broomfield office starting in 2020



Medical School, University of Iowa – 1969

Board certified in family medicine 1972

Medical Hypnoanalysis, American Association of Medical Hypnoanalysis (AAMH) – 1976

Board certified in Medical Hypnoanalysis – 1980

Board member of AAMH have been president, treasurer, board chair

AAMH training analyst – teaching others how to do this method of rapid analysis in 10-20 sessions.

Became board certified in holistic medicine –  2007

Associate Colorado University family medicine professor off and on since 2000, teaching medical students 

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